Eternal Lands is a free to play, graphical MMORPG (massively-multi-player online role-playing game). Different from other role-playing games, there are no fixed classes so you can improve any of the many skills. There is a choice of several character races but all are equal.

Packages are available for the following releases:
Ubuntu 16.10:
Ubuntu 13.10: 1.9.3-1~getdeb1
Ubuntu 16.04:
Ubuntu 14.04:
Ubuntu 17.04:
Ubuntu 12.04: 1.9.3-1~getdeb1
Ubuntu 14.10: 1.9.3-1~getdeb1
Ubuntu 12.10: 1.9.3-1~getdeb1
Ubuntu 15.10:
Ubuntu 15.04: 1.9.3-1~getdeb1
Ubuntu 13.04: 1.9.3-1~getdeb1

Package downloads per version:
Version 1.9.3: 175
Version 844
Version 1214

Install the application manually with the following command:
sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install eternallands

Uninstall the application with the following command:
sudo apt-get remove eternallands