Galaxy is a free Linux computer program which simulates the motion of stars under the influence of gravity. Create a field of random stars to begin with, then watch the stars move as they are accelerated by their mutual gravitational attractions. You can vary the number of stars and the strength of gravity. Watch how the attractive forces accelerate individual stars and send them careening in new directions. Watch how large groups of stars develop into interesting patterns over time.

Packages are available for the following releases:
Ubuntu 16.10: 1.3-1~getdeb1
Ubuntu 16.04: 1.3-1~getdeb1
Ubuntu 14.04: 1.1-1~getdeb1
Ubuntu 17.04: 1.3-1~getdeb1
Ubuntu 14.10: 1.0-1~getdeb1
Ubuntu 15.10: 1.1-1~getdeb1
Ubuntu 15.04: 1.0-1~getdeb1

Package downloads per version:
Version 1.0: 118
Version 1.1: 904
Version 1.3: 555

Install the application manually with the following command:
sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install galaxy2

Uninstall the application with the following command:
sudo apt-get remove galaxy2