Vega Strike is an Open Source 3D Action-Space-Sim that lets you trade, fight, and explore in a vast universe.

Packages are available for the following releases:
Ubuntu 13.10: 0.5.1~r1-1~getdeb2
Ubuntu 16.04: 0.5.1~r1-1~getdeb5~wily
Ubuntu 14.04: 0.5.1~r1-1~getdeb3~trusty
Ubuntu 12.04: 0.5.1~r1-1~getdeb1
Ubuntu 14.10: 0.5.1~r1-1~getdeb3~trusty
Ubuntu 12.10: 0.5.1~r1-1~getdeb2
Ubuntu 15.10: 0.5.1~r1-1~getdeb5~wily
Ubuntu 15.04: 0.5.1~r1-1~getdeb4~vivid
Ubuntu 13.04: 0.5.1~r1-1~getdeb2

Package downloads per version:
Version 0.5.1~r1: 3235

Install the application manually with the following command:
sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install vegastrike

Uninstall the application with the following command:
sudo apt-get remove vegastrike