Use the following instructions:

  1. Install the repository in one of the following ways:

    1. Install the playdeb package.

    2. Or configure the repository manually:

      Go to System-Administration-Software Sources, Third-Party Software tab, Add:

      deb vivid-getdeb games

      Add the repository GPG key, open a terminal window and type:

      wget -q -O- | sudo apt-key add -
  2. Click the "Install this now" button below the screenshot of the desired game.

  3. If you are using Kubuntu please check bug 476853.

  4. If the game cannot be found, run this command and try again:

    sudo apt-get update
  5. If you want to uninstall the PlayDeb repository run this command:

    sudo apt-get remove playdeb
  6. If you get a blank page when installing you need to configure apturl in your browser.

    In Firefox you need to change the setting also in Preferences->Applications
    Link the apt protocol to /usr/bin/apturl there.

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Monthly Top 25   Daily Top 25
  Name Clicks
1 SuperTuxKart 3620
2 Xonotic 3334
3 Warzone2100 1344
4 StuntRally 1335
5 OpenRA 1058
6 Mednafen 1004
7 0 A.D. 714
8 OpenTTD 700
9 Unvanquished 545
10 Minetest 541
11 SpringLobby 524
12 corsix-th 472
13 VisualBoyAdvance-M 417
14 FreeCiv 388
15 ManaPlus 383
16 Urban Terror 374
17 TripleA 283
18 Extreme Tux Racer 271
19 Assault Cube 262
20 Speed Dreams 260
21 Red Eclipse 259
22 Dolphin 236
23 Enemy Territory 230
24 VDrift 225
25 irrlamb 219
  Name Clicks

Version: 0.6.0-1~getdeb2~vivid

OpenDungeons is an open source, real time strategy game sharing game elements with the Dungeon Keeper series and Evil Genius. Players build an underground dungeon which is inhabited by creatures. Players fight each other for control of the underground by indirectly commanding their creatures, directly casting spells in combat, and luring enemies into sinister traps.

Available for Ubuntu: 15.04

Updated: 2015-10-04 21:00:15 | Changes

Version: 0.2.1-1~getdeb2~vivid

irrlamb is a 3D game that probably involves a lot of physics and frustrating gameplay.

Available for Ubuntu: 15.04

Updated: 2015-10-03 13:50:04 | Changes

Version: 1.35-1~getdeb1

EVE Online next generation trade and market helper.

Available for Ubuntu: 15.04

Updated: 2015-10-01 21:20:05 | Changes


Mednafen is a command-line driven emulator for many different systems. It has full support for OpenGL and SDL graphics, network play, remappable input configuration, joystick and keyboard support, save states, game rewinding, GSF playback, and screenshots.

Available for Ubuntu: 14.04, 15.04

Updated: 2015-10-01 19:10:07 | Changes

Version: 1.15.0-1~getdeb1

pyfa is the Python Fitting Assistant, a standalone application to create fittings for the EVE-Online SciFi MMORPG.

Available for Ubuntu: 14.04, 15.04

Updated: 2015-09-30 19:20:05 | Changes