Version: 5.3-1~getdeb1

Revenge Of The Cats: Ethernet wants to be a fast-paced, teamwork-oriented, non-stop-action multiplayer PC FPS game that allows players to achieve a high degree of mastery. Its main influences are Subspace/Continuum, Starsiege: Tribes and Tron.

Available for Ubuntu: 11.10, 12.04, 12.10, 13.04

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Version: 0.01-1~getdeb1

As computers evolve, we risk losing some classic games. Bullfrog's Theme Hospital, published in 1997, is a classic simulation game, but getting it to run natively on modern operating systems is getting progressively harder. This project aims to reimplement the game engine of Theme Hospital, and be able to load the original game data files. This means that you will need a purchased copy of Theme Hospital, or a copy of the demo, in order to use CorsixTH.

Available for Ubuntu: 10.04, 11.10

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Version: 2.7.1-1~getdeb2

Platinum Arts Sandbox Free 3D Game Maker is a game design tool based on the Cube 2 engine that allows users to quickly and easily create and edit their own worlds while playing the game, even cooperatively.

Available for Ubuntu: 11.10

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Version: 0.15.1-1~getdeb1

Freedroid RPG is an RPG with isometric graphics. In it, the player is Tux, who must fight rebelling robots in order to restore peace to humankind. To do so,Tux may take over robots in a minigame based off the classic game Paradroid, or may simply blast them to pieces with a weapon.

Available for Ubuntu: 10.04, 11.10, 12.04

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Version: 0.12.1-1~getdeb1

Xye is a puzzle game in which the objective is to help a character that looks like a green circle to get all the gems in the room. This is, of course, not as easy as it sounds, Xye must solve all sorts of puzzles while at the same time avoiding all sorts of traps and beasts.

Available for Ubuntu: 10.04, 11.10

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