Version: 0.0.0+git20150221-1~getdeb3~yakkety

Community effort to maintain and improve Jedi Academy + Jedi Outcast released by Raven Software.

Available for Ubuntu: 16.10, 17.04

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Freeminer is an open source sandbox game inspired by Minecraft. Freeminer is based on Minetest which is developed by a number of contributors from all over the globe. It aims to make the game fun while trading off some bits of perfectionism.

Available for Ubuntu: 16.04, 16.10, 17.04

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Version: 1.4.0-1~getdeb1

The goal of dhewm 3 is to bring DOOM 3 with the help of SDL to all suitable plaforms. Compared to the original DOOM 3, the changes of dhewm 3 worth mentioning are: - 64bit port - SDL for low level OS support, OpenGL and input handling - OpenAL for audio output, all OS specific audio backends are gone - OpenAL EFX for EAX reverb effects (read: EAX on all platforms) - A portable build system based on CMake Put the base/ directory into the $HOME/.local/share/dhewm3 directory.

Available for Ubuntu: 14.04, 15.04, 15.10

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Version: 1.3-1~getdeb1

Galaxy is a free Linux computer program which simulates the motion of stars under the influence of gravity. Create a field of random stars to begin with, then watch the stars move as they are accelerated by their mutual gravitational attractions. You can vary the number of stars and the strength of gravity. Watch how the attractive forces accelerate individual stars and send them careening in new directions. Watch how large groups of stars develop into interesting patterns over time.

Available for Ubuntu: 16.04, 16.10, 17.04

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Version: 0.7.1-1~getdeb2~yakkety

OpenDungeons is an open source, real time strategy game sharing game elements with the Dungeon Keeper series and Evil Genius. Players build an underground dungeon which is inhabited by creatures. Players fight each other for control of the underground by indirectly commanding their creatures, directly casting spells in combat, and luring enemies into sinister traps.

Available for Ubuntu: 16.10, 17.04

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