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10 Unique Skills Of People Who Grew Up Playing Video Games

Gaming has several stereotypes that are often associated with it, but it also has some benefits that are often overshadowed as a result. In this article, we will be looking into 10 of the unique skills that people who grew up playing video games will have developed over time. In this article, we will be looking into these exceptional skills and how they can benefit you in the future. 


One of the most significant benefits to those that play games is the increase in patience. With many levels to work through and boss fights to master depending on the title that you are playing, patience is one of the key skills that is needed to come out on top as a gamer. Though this can be tested at times, depending on the game or the team that you are playing with, this is a skill that is often developed over time.

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In addition to patience, many games also teach young children to perseverance. It can be taken into the workplace when it comes to facing challenges during a task. It is a skill that is often developed at an early age with gamers as they are put to the test during boss battles and team activities on platforms such as Call of Duty. With this skill being developed at a young age, this allows for excellent people skills and strategic thinking in the workplace. In addition to this, perseverance provides you with the mental power that you need to take rejection and convert it into something positive to help you achieve your goals within the workplace.

Problem Solving

Problem-solving is a skill that anyone can benefit from, but by gaming once or twice a week, problem-solving skills can be developed upon. It is due to you working through levels and unlocking new items. This simple way of solving problems can then be adapted within the workplace to solve problems and complete tasks despite any setbacks that may be faced. In addition to this, problem-solving skills can also help you towards promotion as new and creative ideas are often needed to make big changes within the workplace.

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Great People Skills

Increased communication is another skill that many online gamers possess as there is a large element of gaming that involves you working together with people in a team. Whether this is a team of friends or a team of people you have just met online, this increased communication can help to increase confidence and generate developed people skills. In addition to this, the mutual respect that is also earnt through playing games can also translate into the workplace as this will encourage you to earn the respect of those around you rather than demanding it. It will then enable you to get on well with those around you, making you the perfect team player in the long run. 

Natural Leadership

Though natural leadership is something that needs to be developed, it is often gamers that come out on top. Whether it is leading the room in a game of the casino game variety or heading up the team as you head into your third consecutive team deathmatch battle, this can help to generate leadership skills that can be used in the workplace. Though this may be a skill that is rarely used within the position that you have, these skills are beneficial to have as you then have the confidence needed to put forward suggestions in company meetings. 

Creative Thinking

Creative thinking is another skill that is developed when playing games that can also benefit you in the workplace, particularly if you are heading into a creative industry. Not only can it help you to design new and existing products, but it can encourage you to think creatively when it comes to overcoming common problems. It is beneficial for those in either mechanics or creative industries as this can encourage the team to think differently and create something new that the market has not previously seen.


Empathy is a crucial part of what makes gaming great, as this is a transferable skill that can benefit your business in the long term. With empathy being a skill that is developed early on when gaming as you grow a relationship with specific characters, in addition to this, many storylines require you to save several characters throughout the game. It is a benefit to anyone in a managerial position as this empathy is needed to build a connection with you and your audiences in the long term.  

Developed Hand-Eye Coordination

Hand-eye coordination is a skill that is great for sport, gaming, and within the workplace, mainly if you are in the trade. With hand-eye coordination, you are, therefore, less likely to be clumsy and ca also complete jobs much faster. In addition to this, gaming also provides gamers with the ability to multitask. It is beneficial for those in an office environment as this enables them to tackle more than one task at a time during the day. 

Develops Puzzle Solving Skills

Puzzle-solving is a skill that can prove valuable over time as this can prevent common issues from slowing down a task and can also help to reduce the stress felt by the team. Having someone on the team that can solve problems in a new and creative way this, therefore, alleviates stress felt by the whole team, thus helping to increase efficiency. By playing games, you are then working on developing these skills while relieving stress, allowing you to better self-growth while forgetting about the stress of a busy day, making this highly beneficial for so many. 

Improved Memory

The final benefit that comes from playing games is improved memory. With elements to remember, such as the controls, overall directions around the map and combinations, this can improve the memory over time. It is a unique skill that comes from gaming as this can improve the memory and allow you to complete tasks effectively throughout the day. Though it may take time to build this up, it will benefit you in the long term. 

Whether you have been gaming from a young age, or you have just started to find your love for this style of entertainment, this is the perfect way to develop unique skill sets while reliving stress over time. Will you be picking up gaming as your next hobby?

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