4 Tips to Boost Your WoW Character in Shadowlands

With the Shadowlands expansion out, and new raids coming, we have to consider different ways how you can boost your gameplay and character. If you haven’t played for a while, it’s important to think about different tips and tricks that can help you up to your game.

However, we’re sure that you won’t have any difficulty jumping right into the new gameplay if you’ve been playing in continuity. Nevertheless, these tips are going to help you whether you’re a pro or a beginner.

Make the Right Choice

This is not necessarily only related to Shadowlands, it concerns the game overall. You need to think about the class you want to play, and before you choose it, you should consider what you want to do most of the time playing the game.

So, if you’re more of a solo player, you should choose the Hunter class because you get to do tons of cool stuff. Apart from regular quests, you can collect pets, mounts, etc. Being a hunter means that your pet can tank for you and help you defeat different foes.

This is why the best solo class is the Hunter, but if you’re a team player, any class will do. There are three different types of players. You can be a Tank, a Damage Dealer, or a Healer. Essentially, this is what the game comes down to. These are the best classes to pick in Shadowlands:

  • Tank class: When speaking about a class that’s easy to be good at, Guardian Druids are the one. You can also opt for Brewmaster monks because their survivability is quite high in raids.
  • DPS class: In the damage domain, choose Balance Druids, or something like Fire Mages, Windwalker Monks, Arcane Mages, or Demon Hunters. Any one of these will do just fine.
  • Healer class: This hasn’t changed much since the new expansion came out. Healer classes are Holy Paladins, Restorations Shamans, and Discipline Priests. It’s been pretty much the same since the beginning of the game.

Essential Addons in Shadowlands

When you start playing World of Warcraft, you need to install some addons because the gameplay and the user interface in WoW don’t make it easy. Going through the game addon-free is good only the first time.

So, instead of trying to figure out how to do something and what to do the hard way, there are tons of addons you can install that make life so much easier. Here are a few warm recommendations:

  • Azeroth Auto Pilot: This addon is a great tool that automates most of the small details. Once you’re done with the first character at level 60, you can max the next one in no time with the addon that shows you which quests to finish.
  • World Quest Tracker: This is quite a handy thing to have because with it you can see the rewards for the World Quests on your map. If you want a particular reward, you can track it from the interface, and you’ll get insights into the quests you need to finish for it.
  • WeakAuras 2: This addon offers you the chance to see all the buffs and the debuffs of the players in a group for the raid. It’s a handy tool, and it’s extremely customizable, but you don’t have to worry about it because you can import templates from others.
  • Threat Plates: The good thing about this addon is that it displays the threat level next to the nametag of the spawn, but it also displays if the creature you’re seeing is necessary to complete some quest on your list.

Buying a Boost

Another great tip to boost your WoW Shadowlands gameplay is to boost your character. There are two types of boosts. You can get a level boost to max out the level on the character if you don’t want the hassle of going through the game again.

The next type of boost is the gear boost for your character. Imagine getting a SotFO heroic boost and having your character geared up for PvP and PvE. It’s a great thing because after you’ve geared up, you get a chance to enjoy the game and be much stronger.

Get Good in the Arena

We recommend getting good at the Arena because there are tons of things you can purchase with Honor. This includes some great gear. You can earn Prestige when reaching some levels and it allows you to get some cosmetic items.

However, this all means that you need to get good at arenas. To get very good, and finish most of your fights in the arena as a winner, you need to muster up some great skills and use a few other tricks:

  • Use addons: We’ve already discussed the benefits of using add-ons. They help in the arena. Our warm recommendation is for you to try OmniBar because it’s an addon that tracks the cooldowns for your team members.
  • Master your character: Don’t overreach trying to become the best in all the classes. Pick one and master it. Gain enough experience and work on your skills until you can say that you’re among the best players for this class. It’s going to take time, but you can read about the class, follow tutorials, and go through different guides to get there.
  • Find your community: Join a guild to get a reliable band of team players for arena battles. Having people you can count on to be good at what they do is something that’s going to help you go through raids easier.
  • Analyze your play: It’s good to do this at the beginning, or when you form your first arena party. Try to determine what you do wrong when you lose, and what you do right when you win.


With the right class and the correct addons in World of Warcraft Shadowlands, you don’t need to worry about being bad at the game. It’s going to be quite easy for you, especially if you get a gear boost for your character. Then, you can get in on the PvP fun.

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