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7 Secrets to Never Lose on Slot Machines

We all want to win and win big. Anyone who has played a slot machine has dreamed of the time they press a button and all the lights flash, sounds fill the room, and they walk away as a big winner. While that may be the fantasy, those who know will tell you it’s not reality. What happens more often than not is small, cumulative wins over time thanks to these seven secrets to never lose on slot machines.

Firstly, slot machines are luck-based, random games. They are built with random number generators. That means there is no such thing as “never” losing on a slot machine. This is, essentially, your first secret. What matters more are these 7 secrets that help you lose less and win more.

Learn when to stop playing

Never chase losses. A big part of the seven secrets to never lose on a slot machine is to accept moments where you have won or lost based on the budget. A figure you’ve determined ahead of time. You need to know how much money you’re going to gamble with and how much money you are willing to lose. If you end up losing the amount of money you have designated, don’t make the mistake of chasing that loss by continuing to play. Losses happen, but with a good strategy and these other secrets, you will know how to make up for them without chasing losses and playing longer than you should.

Learn all the slot machine secrets ever revealed

Learn all the slot machine secrets because these tips will help you make smart bets and know when to stop playing. Knowing the different symbols and features, and how they relate to the jackpot, is important if you’re going to play pokies or slot machines. If you don’t know what different features, features, and symbols mean, you could end up losing more winnings than you should.

Learn the features and symbols

Another way to ensure you never lose is to learn what the different game features and bonus symbols mean. If you don’t know the different features in a given game or what bonus symbols mean, you will be playing blind. This happens a lot with newcomers who walk up to a game they want to play simply because it is based on a television show they recognize or has a theme that resonates with them. 

So they sit down in front of that slot machine, and they just start pressing buttons. They don’t understand what a scatter symbol is or what a bonus symbol is, so they don’t know when they happen or what benefit they bring.

For example:

  • Bonus symbols can trigger an automatic spin or a free game
  • Scatter symbols can offer a winning payout any time they show up on the screen, no matter where on the grid they are
  • Multiplier symbols do what their name implies: they multiple any payout for winning pay-lines on which the characters are located
  • Wild symbols do different things based on the games, like serve as a substitute for a winning symbol or a multiplier

Learn the basics

This means basics like the difference between a classic fruit machine and a progressive slot. Classic fruit machines have a single payout which is a multiplied number based on what you bet. Progressive slots have that same option but with the bonus of a potential jackpot win. These jackpots are linked across hundreds of other slot games of the same variety, so every time anyone else plays that game, it adds to the potential amount you can win. 

Learn how to adjust your bet size 

When playing regular slots vs. progressive slots, recognize the bet size and adjust accordingly. With Progressive slots, you might need to bet the maximum amount so that you can take on that money if you win the jackpot. You won’t take it home if you don’t bet the total amount and win the jackpot. With regular slots, you don’t have to worry about this, and you can choose which pay lines you prefer. 

Learn to recognize hot and cold games

Know when it’s time to change to a different game. Don’t wait for a losing strike on a match to change suddenly. Learn to recognize hot and cold games. This goes back to the first of these seven tips. Your ability to recognize a hot or cold game will help you determine when a machine or game is in a position to help you compensate for previous losses or when you should avoid it to prevent further losses. 

Learn how to find and maximize the use of free spins and no deposit bonuses

Knowing all the features and symbols will help you learn how to bet on different games and make use of in-game bonuses but you should also increase your gaming time by using no deposit bonuses and free spins. These bonuses are things you get from the casino itself, not from the individual games, which means they can be applied to any game with items like the highest number of bonus symbols or the best payout for multiplier symbols.


In the end, remember that playing slot machines mean playing games that use random numbers; however, following these seven secrets on how to minimize your losses on slot machines will help you increase the number of times you win and decrease the chances of losing so that you get the biggest payout.

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