How to Train CS:GO Battle Skill on 1v1 Maps?

When playing CS:GO, it is crucial to understand the game’s peculiarities. It usually happens that a more experienced player wins a clutch by implementing the specific knowledge.

Therefore, each player of an enormous community knows the essential rules for CS:GO battle skill improvement: 

  • Aiming and shooting. Using different weapons prescribes training for spray, one-tap, or scope. It is important to improve your reaction to the sudden appearance of the enemy and kill him before he kills you. 
  • Teamplay and cooperation. The success in matchmaking mainly depends on how the teammates can work together, provide information to each other, and correctly behave in conflicts. 
  • Game knowledge. The great popularity of the game led to the creation of a specific language. Each player should know the name of positions, give info properly, speak only about the necessary things in the voice chat, etc. 
  • Grenade throwing. Sometimes, the round depends on choosing the proper spot for smoke and entering the plant. Therefore, knowing how to throw smoke, HE, and flash grenades is essential. 

One of the best methods to improve the listed parameters is practicing on 1v1 maps in a custom lobby. Winning the battle in CS:GO depends on how you are ready to show the best skill.

Best Maps for Skill Training in CS:GO

Here you can find the list of the most suitable maps to improve CS:GO battle knowledge for the novice. The maps can be downloaded from the Community Workshop, and each of them was created to improve the specific skill element.

Fast Aim/Reflex

It is necessary to start with CT and choose the weapon to train with to play on the map. Then the bots will start their knife attack, so the player should react fast and shoot them. Such a practice helps improve the one-tap shooting with popular weapons such as AK-47, M4A4, Famas, etc.

Recoil Master

Such a map for CS:GO battle training includes 20 ranges to shoot from and an auto-spray function for each weapon. There will be a red-colored outline of each hit. The player aims to customize his shooting technique and learn how to do it with the different weapons. There are also additional statistics that can be represented by pressing various toggle buttons.

Smoke Practice

There are specific workshop products that help train the grenade throwing at each matchmaking map. “Dust 2 Smoke Practice” and similar training maps help know the spots to throw the grenades and understand the perfect timing.

To Sum Up

Overall, each CS:GO player should improve his skill to become a leader during the battles. Each of the listed maps can be downloaded from the Steam Workshop and improve in shooting, throwing grenades, and general game understanding. 

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