Top PayPal Casinos Where You Can Play Poker

Is poker in Hungary dead? No, not at all. You still love the game. The skill of it and the competitive thrill makes poker exhilarating to play in person. Would you be surprised to find out that online games are just as fun? Since the Gambling Operations Act passed in 1991, it’s challenging to find an in-person game. 

Online games can be an enjoyable substitute. Some game sites also offer the option to pay by PayPal casino as a simple way to fund your play. Take advantage of this option and you’ll discover that it’s a great way to have some fun while practicing your game.

While you wait for the next tournament organized by the Magyar Póker Szövetség, you could try a live game at the online Casino Magyaroknak, for example. There are many PayPal gambling sites, so your best choice is to consult an expert to help you choose. When looking for a poker game with online casino PayPal withdrawal in Hungary, you should consult a Hungarian expert. 

If you are searching for someone knowledgeable about Hungarian games and regulations, Boross Ors comes highly recommended as a specialist in online gambling and gaming. It’s challenging to find a PayPal deposit casino, and the regulations are constantly changing. Just like in a game of poker, it’s important to know all the rules that apply.

The following sites all accept HUF and Euro at this time.

  • 22Bet

22Bet has a wide variety of games. Play live Hold ‘em games at this worldwide casino site.

  • Bet365 Poker

There’s a great selection of exciting options at Bet365 poker. Sign up and compete in daily and weekly challenges in the poker club. When you complete them, you’ll accumulate points that can be redeemed for cash prizes. It’s also possible to play in cash tournaments.

  • Party Poker

At this site, the variety is endless! You can play team games or watch PartypokerTV. 

Playing with Real Money through PayPal

If you decide to graduate from free play and start using real money, using PayPal Casino for deposits and withdrawals is a convenient and reliable way to go.


The PayPal deposit casino method provides the option to deposit money and then choose the amount you want to use. This gives you more control over your account and lets you establish a playing fund. Money can then be moved through PayPal and deposited into your online casino account.


When you want to withdraw, just reverse the process and move your winnings back into your PayPal account. It’s easy to move funds and only takes a few steps.


PayPal is strict about the number of companies it allows to access its PayPal Casino service. More online gambling sites will be available as time goes by. For now, keep checking in with the experts at Hungarian-based online casinos to see what’s available to play, where you can do so, and what the regulations are. You’ll also find that while you are waiting, you can find various eWallet systems that are safe and reliable and allow you to play the poker games you love.


Keep your poker skills sharp while waiting for the next tournament! Using pay by PayPal casino is a fantastic way to play poker online with all the fun and excitement of the casino.

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