Evaluating the Top Sales Apps and Tech for 2020

Succeeding in sales today means learning about and using as many forms of technology as possible to make the process more efficient for the salesperson and convenient for the customer. Below are seven new and up-and-coming apps that can boost sales for people in any industry.

Yelp: Using the mobile version of Yelp can be a real boon to salespeople because it allows them to learn more about a company before calling on a decision-maker for the first time. Knowing the things people complain about, for example, puts salespeople in an excellent position to offer products or services to improve the customer experience.

Meeting Scheduler Tool: For many salespeople, the constant need to schedule meetings can be a productivity killer. It can also be challenging to stay organized and keep track of all those meetings. The Meeting Scheduler Tool takes care of both issues. It scans calendars to suggest meeting times and then helps the salesperson stay on task.

Email Analyzer: It takes a lot of time to clear an email inbox each morning. Unfortunately, much of the email is junk and does nothing but waste a salesperson’s time. This new tool analyzes the content of emails and then alerts the salesperson if something needs his or her immediate attention. The Email Analyzer can also log each email and update opportunities as required.

Headspace and Calm: These two applications help busy, stressed-out salespeople re-focus their energy and get to a calmer place. Each takes just a few minutes every day to use but can improve life satisfaction as well as increase sales and opportunities to close deals. Whether a salesperson feels like everything is going right or everything is going wrong on a particular day, these apps help to bring emotional balance and clarity.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Software: While most sales reps use CRMs now, they are improving and becoming more efficient all the time. Investing in newer CRM technology helps people better prioritize their workload, keep their sales pipeline updated, manage their account list, and organize numerous other everyday functions.

Smartphone Voice Technology: Even when a technology sales professional has the most up-to-date CRMs and other apps on a smartphone, it can be difficult for him or her to access when driving between appointments for much of the day. Voice technology that interacts with these applications is coming soon and will make the time on the road just as efficient as time in the office for sales professionals.

Productive: Any salesperson looking to form a new habit, whether it’s directly related to work or not, can benefit from a new app called Productive. It allows users to set goals and then track their streaks when working towards a goal. Goals could be anything from exercising every morning to calling a certain number of prospects every day.

2020 is a new year and a new decade that presents the perfect opportunity for sales professionals to learn more about these technologies and make them part of their everyday life.

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