Video Games You Might Didn’t Know Were Inspired By Actual Real-Life Events

There is an age-old adage that says art imitates life. Similarly, various video games were inspired by actual real-life events. You see, it is easier to assume that video games offer gamers a wide range of fantastical digital worlds and paranormal creatures that are beyond their wildest imaginations. This is also true for online casinos games, especially slots. You can get a fictional impression of a land-based casino when you enjoy Online Slots Thailand and your preferred online casino games. However, in other instances, some online casino games and video games are based on real-life events.

Here are games that were inspired by shocking realities:

Kholat – The Dyatlov Pass Incident

Kholat is an amazing but petrifying indie endurance horror game based on the ghostly and unsettled Dyatlov Pass Incident. In 1959, ten young skiers students at the Ural Polytechnic went for a hike in the Ural Mountains in Russia. They were all seasoned Grade II hikers and aimed for their Grade III with this hike. Grade III was the highest level the Soviet Union offered at the time. Moreover, it required an individual to have a minimum of 300 kilometers of hiking experience.

The journey was full of challenges as one of them dropped out due to health issues, while the rest got lost in severe weather conditions. They ended up off-track on Syakhl Mountain (Dead Mountain). However, they did not know that this was the end of their journey.

To date, their deaths remain a mystery as autopsies revealed they died strangely. To add to the strangeness, other hikers claimed. The mystery of this incident remains unresolved to date.

The Town of Light – The Volterra Psychiatric Hospital

The Town of Light is an interactive psychological thriller that happened in the 1940s at the Volterra Psychiatric Hospital in Italy. The game narrates the fictional story of Renee, an ex-patient. Renee had returned to the hospital to find closure for the atrocities she experienced when she was a teenager.

While it is a fictional story, it is based on a true story. For example, the hospital is a recreation of the real hospital. Besides that, the other entries in the game are based on letters, published books, diary entries, and narrations of former staff of the hospital.

That Dragon, Cancer – A Tragic Tale of Loss and Grief

That Dragon Cancer is based on a distressing and solemn story. Ryan and Amy Green partly wrote the award-winning game. They based the game’s story on their young son, Joel, who died because of cancer.

The game chronicles the events from when Ryan and Amy discovered their son had cancer up to his death. The narrative is divided into fourteen vignettes, each exploring important and highly emotional moments as Joel fought the disease.

Even if you are not a parent, this game does an extraordinary job of putting you in Joel’s parents’ shoes. You can experience their hopelessness and grief honestly. The game also has some religious undertones as Joel’s parents are religious Christians.

The game is different from other games that are inundated with pointless death and glamorized violence. That Dragon, Cancer celebrates the sacredness of life, exploring the sorrow that comes in the end.

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