Why is Brake System Diagnostic Service Important?

If you are faced with malfunctions in the brake system, or you need a planned replacement of brake calipers, pads, discs, hoses, lines, or other auto parts of the system, you should contact the professionals in this matter. Pedders offer its services to all comers. Service technicians professionally and efficiently provide diagnostics and repair of brake systems, replacement of brake hoses, and other unit components.

What is Brake System Diagnostic?

Diagnostics of the brake system will allow you to identify any malfunctions and eliminate them at the initial stage with the lowest cost. In diagnostics, specialists will determine the optimal settings for the brake system, the remaining life of the parts and, if necessary, will suggest ways to eliminate the malfunctions. The inspection process often reveals such malfunctions as dirty brake pad surfaces, a jammed piston in the caliper, improper caliper attachment, affecting braking performance, worn or damaged suspension or steering elements, worn brake pads or discs, foreign objects between the brake disc and the brake shield, breakage of the brake cylinder, damage to the brake lines and others.

How Important is it to Diagnose the Brake System?

It is not difficult to know what the operation of a car with faulty brakes leads to. If an accident occurs, th e braking distance increased by a centimeter can take the life or health of a pedestrian, driver, and passenger. Timely diagnostics of brake pads and other system elements are necessary for the driver’s personal peace of mind and understanding that the car is under control; the mechanism will not let you down if you stop abruptly or perform other maneuvers.

Experts recommend performing brake diagnostics whenever you contact a technical center – as part of small or large maintenance. It is necessary to check the state of the system every 50,000 kilometers. By the time – this is about 2 times a year. The brake pad replacement interval is approximately 15,000 km.

When do you Need Diagnostic of the Brake System?

The following factors may indicate a breakdown of the brake system:

  • the appearance of extraneous noise when driving and braking;
  • squeak when braking;
  • seized brakes;
  • brake fluid leak;
  • easy stroke of the brake pedal, it’s sinking;
  • Increased braking travel.

How Is The Brake System Diagnosed?

The technician will record the amount of brake fluid in the reservoir; check the pipes and hoses for damage and leaks. Then he will measure the thickness of the brake pads and inspect the brake discs, check the handbrake for operability.

During a test drive, the expert will test the operation of the brakes in motion: he will ask the driver to simulate emergency braking and, based on the behavior of the car, its trajectory, and the sound from under the wheels, will evaluate the operation of the brakes on various surfaces.

To test the performance of the anti-lock braking system, if installed, the technician will ask the driver to simulate hard braking. According to statistics, a defective ABS is the most common problem in the brake assembly of a used car. Only an expert can assess how serious the problem is. 


Diagnostics should not be delayed. It will provide an opportunity to detect and fix problems if any. Entrust the diagnostics of your car only to qualified technicians of the Pedders. From them, you will receive a guarantee for the work performed and access to special offers from the company.

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